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Our service is for everyone who creates and publishes content. Photos, videos, texts,
audio and more. We are a perfect match if you have something to
share with your audience and want to make profit from it.


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Калькулятор доходности

Ожидаемый заработок, на основании среднего по всем авторам Sponsr

Ваша возможная доходность на Sponsr 100 000 ₽ per month. 1 200 000 ₽ per year. Create project add


Monthly fee

Our platform will allow you to raise funds not just once, but monthly.

Unique community of authors

Our platform is a private club, accessible only by invitation from another author or from our team, which carefully selects the best authors. This protects the reputation of our authors from "toxic people," and Sponsr thus ensures continued growth in the quality of published content.

Excellent tech support

We will ensure the security of your payments and technical support 24/7

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